“Paul is not only a subject matter expert, he is a moving, vibrant and engaging speaker. Every attendee is impacted in some way.” Bob Pocica

SVP & Chief Security Officer, McKesson Corporation

“Paul delivers a powerful presentation rich in content from his experience and knowledge. He is an extraordinary resource to those interested in personal safety and security.” August Cenname

Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

“For getting the message across to large groups of people at one time, there is none better.” Clark Dubin

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With Cyber-Crime in its embryonic stage and costing over $500 billion in reported losses in 2012 alone, the business model designed by cyber engineers is overtly productive. Given the fact the greatest value proposition places the affluent community in the center of the radar screen, preemptive solutions are no longer out of the box thinking, but compulsory. Viollis Group lnternational's proprietary anti-crime methodology to Cyber Security serves families both here and abroad with significant success.


Historically known vacation spots and retreats have become "romantic" hostile environments as terrorists add Kidnapping, Extortion and Murder to their growing list of disturbing operational methods. Viollis Group International (VGI) ensures the protection of our principals by benchmarking each detail, conducting a strategic threat assessment and travel vulnerability analysis prior to crafting every protection plan. Our team of security professionals allows us to garner non-readily available information regarding the current risks of terrorism, abduction, and travel safety in specific regions.


Viollis Group International (VGI) has developed a refined information-gathering process with the creation of leverage at its core. Information is key - few things have a greater return on investment than competitive intelligence.  With the utmost discretion, we incorporate various methodologies utilizing professionals with unique skill sets to expeditiously identify an appropriate investigative strategy germane to the needs of the particular matter.


Regardless of the demographic, members of the affluent community are an attractive target to those trying to benefit from their notoriety and success. Unfortunately, given the advent of the internet, no one is off the radar leaving the affluent vulnerable to a variety of opportunists and criminals. Understanding their desire for privacy and the need for preemptive lifestyle risk mitigation, Viollis Group International (VGI) is the premier consulting service specifically designed to serve this community. Built upon a strict platform of assured confidentiality, VGI seeks to protect individuals and their families from the plethora of risk they encounter.


Your home should always be the safest place in your world which is why ensuring your peace of mind is a judicious investment. At Viollis Group International, we embrace our responsibility in delivering a process that makes sense both structurally and financially. Rarely is the case that security is at the forefront of the home construction/renovation process which is why the safety of the homeowner is often times compromised from this afterthought. Our position on this is quite simple, verify what you need and oversee the process of what you want.