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July 2018

The Warning Signs of Suicide

By | The Security Brief

On Episode 146 of The Security Brief, we discuss the warning signs of suicide & identifying them before it strikes.


D…depression (exhibiting signs of sadness, change in sleep patterns, appetite, less energy, not enjoying life, isolation, “world better off without me”)

A…alcohol/drugs (increase to the level of abuse)

N…negativity (Hopeless/helpless)

G…giving things in life away (property/people)

E…estrangement (pulling away)

R…rage/revenge (toward all that are to blame)

Listen to episode 146 joined by mental health expert, Bob Vandepol HERE

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Examples of “something” to tell Law Enforcement

By | Safety Tips

With 4th of July celebrations all this week, & other mass gatherings year round, I wanted to share some examples of the “something” that if you see, you should contact law enforcement:

Individuals wearing clothes clearly inconsistent with the weather and or surroundings

Packages, backpacks, unusual devices such as crockpots left unattended in public places

Someone placing an object down and walking away especially at outdoor special events such as parades

Unusual or alarming posts on social media expressing disdain toward the country, democracy, law enforcement/military or hate filled comments about the US involvement in other countries

Unsettling comments about allegiance with any form of Islamic radicalism’s way of life

Vehicles parked out of place or having been parked for extended periods of time

👉Remember the more eyes Law Enforcement have, the safer our national community is!!

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