Paul Viollis3

For over three decades, Paul Michael Viollis has dedicated his career to the protection of our country as well as the shareholder value of the businesses he has navigated to the pinnacle of their respective vertical markets. On his speaking tours, his hands on expertise in subject areas of behavioral analysis, leadership development, corporate espionage, extortion/stalking, cyber security, family protection, and workplace violence allows him to develop unforeseeable insights that will have you at the edge of your seat and captivate your audience. From corporate executives and high profile individuals to private families and sales teams, each attendee will leave with a renewed sense of focus and re-energized with information that can be easily and expeditiously implemented.


Speaking Topics4

Cyber Crimes Business Model
Cheap is Expensive… Decision Making 101
Affluent and High Profile Protection
Safeguarding Shareholder Value from Workplace Violence
Protecting What Matters Most
The Mailroom to the Boardroom Value Strategy


Audience3 “Paul delivers a powerful presentation rich in content from his experience and knowledge. He is an extraordinary resource to those interested in personal safety and security.” ~August Cenname, Managing Director, The Cenname Team, Merrill Lynch

“Paul is not only a subject matter expert, he is a moving, vibrant and engaging speaker. Every attendee is impacted in some way.” ~Bob Pocica, SVP & Chief Security Officer, McKesson Corporation

“Energetic, motivating, and dynamic… Has been a positive influence on employees at several of our organizations.” ~Greg Reynolds, Litigation and Claims Manager, Tyco Risk Management