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Chief Joe Dowling, NYPD, on Law Enforcement & Cyber Security

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“When you look at these crimes, there’s no borders.”

– Chief Joe Dowling, NYPD

In episode 164 of The Security Brief, we are honored to have Chief Joe Dowling with us to weigh in on how Law Enforcement, nationwide, will be seeking future talent to join the ranks in the fight against cyber-crime.

Cyber crime will create over 1.5 trillion in profits for cyber criminals in 2018. Which is why we, at The Security Brief, believe it is very important that we talk about what we are doing as a country & what current law enforcement leaders along with educational leaders are doing to prepare. Here are some more staggering numbers breaking down that profit for 2018…

  • 860 billion in illegal online markets
  • 500 billion in trade secrets
  • 160 billion in data trading
  • 1.6 billion in crime ware
  • 1 billion in ransom ware

Recognizing the ominous threat coming from the cyber world, we are also joined by educational leaders from Holy Cross High School (Flushing, NY) and Cal State University (San Bernardino) for captivating conversations surrounding the astounding steps being taken to educate tomorrows leaders.

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The warning signs of Domestic Violence

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What warnings signs should you take note of in the victim?


  • Batterer will be good at striking the victim where you can’t see, so markings or bruising will not be obvious, initially. When they’re visible, it hasn’t been the first time.
  • They are receiving harassing or controlling phone calls.
  • Being isolated from friends and family
  • Reporting to work early and leaving late.
  • Finds it difficult to remain focused, mainly in a conversation of any kind.
  • Forced to make excuses for the batterer and for non-attendance of events
  • There will be an increase of unexplained absences from work, normally Mondays.


How to identify the batterer…


  • Seen as charming.
  • Overly controlling about every aspect of the victim’s life.
  • History of abusive relationships.
  • Blames the victim and others for all his lot in life.
  • Extremely jealous.
  • Viscous towards others that seek to spend time with the victim.
  • Overtly manipulative.
  • Abusive to animals.



What to do once you’ve seen any of the red flags…

Give the victim options and resources.

National Domestic Violence Hotline



Listen to more and how we can help anyone in a domestic violence situation HERE at episode 159.

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The Warning Signs of Suicide

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On Episode 146 of The Security Brief, we discuss the warning signs of suicide & identifying them before it strikes.


D…depression (exhibiting signs of sadness, change in sleep patterns, appetite, less energy, not enjoying life, isolation, “world better off without me”)

A…alcohol/drugs (increase to the level of abuse)

N…negativity (Hopeless/helpless)

G…giving things in life away (property/people)

E…estrangement (pulling away)

R…rage/revenge (toward all that are to blame)

Listen to episode 146 joined by mental health expert, Bob Vandepol HERE

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Crimes against our Houses of Worship

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I am a man that has always taken pride in my faith. As revolting it is to think that we must formulate a security plan to protect our Houses of Worship, it has, in fact, become a necessity.

A while back I launched an episode on my Podcast “The Security Brief” about Crimes committed against Churches, the one place we are supposed to feel total peace. We covered an eye opening amount of statistics from the Justice Department about crimes committed at a Church, Mosque, or Synagogue.

• At any 10 day period, dozens of crimes will be committed.
• Tens of thousands every year are committed, ranging from Theft to Homicide.
• In the past 2 years, 200 locations were victims of Arson.
• Also in the past 2 years, $100,000,000 in property losses were reported.
• Leading cause is domestic violence.

In the podcast episode, I am joined by a 35 year Pastor, Andrew Surace of Christ Fellowship in Ocean View, NJ, who has decided to become an EMT and Certified Protection Professional to keep his congregation safe.

You can hear more statistics, about Pastor Andrew, & what is being done to keep our Houses of Worship safe HERE. Look for episode 110 titled “Crimes against GOD”.

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