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Safety Tips at a Public Venue

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Here are some tips for if you ever find yourself in a situation where your life & safety are being threatened. Share with your friends and family so you can be prepared!

When in a public venue or at a public event…
  • Observe the exits, where they are, and how to get to them if needed.
  • If you hear loud pops or gunfire, find cover not concealment. Meaning, find something to hide behind or under that a bullet can not penetrate.
  • When hiding, do not draw attention to yourself. Other than staying quiet yourself, be sure to silence your phone & wipe off cologne or perfume.
  • Lastly, you need to remain quiet until police come and give the all clear. They will announce themselves in their search for you.
You can hear more #safetytips on my podcast The Security Brief episode 170 HERE 




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The risks of Ride Sharing & tips to stay safe!

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You’ve heard of companies that use an app to send someone in their car to come pick you up & take you where you need to go right?

In episode 168 of The Security Brief, you will hear exactly what my opinion is of this new trend! But first, check out these numbers from 2015- mid 2018 associated with ride sharing.

52 deaths
102 assaults
395 sexual assaults
22 kidnappings
26 felons who should have been disqualified from being behind a wheel
102 reports of someone impersonating a ride share driver


Keep in mind, ride sharing does not have to adhere to the same regulations as taxis. Taxis have to follow to specific guidelines by the city. Yes, each driver has to go through background checks, but they are doing a Cheap IS Expensive kind of job with the back ground checks. They are not good enough!!

My advice…. listen to Mom! Do not get in a car with strangers!!

Listen to more advice in ep 168, these 22 minutes could save your life!

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How to spot a Suspicious Package

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Given what we are contending with as a country, it is imperative for all Americans to embrace safe mail handling techniques & how to spot a suspcious package.  They are as follows:

Suspicious signs:

  • Excessive postage
  • Misspelled common words
  • No return or incomplete return address
  • Restrictive markings such as ‘DO NOT X-RAY’
  • Oily stains and or traces of powder-like substances
  • Odors
  • Excessive tape
  • Sounds

If observed:

  • Remain calm
  • Do not open or move
  • Shut off the ac/hvac and or fans
  • Do not use cell phones or radio communications
  • Call 911 via a landline away from the area
  • Safely and calmly evacuate the area to predetermined fall back areas


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The warning signs of Domestic Violence

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What warnings signs should you take note of in the victim?


  • Batterer will be good at striking the victim where you can’t see, so markings or bruising will not be obvious, initially. When they’re visible, it hasn’t been the first time.
  • They are receiving harassing or controlling phone calls.
  • Being isolated from friends and family
  • Reporting to work early and leaving late.
  • Finds it difficult to remain focused, mainly in a conversation of any kind.
  • Forced to make excuses for the batterer and for non-attendance of events
  • There will be an increase of unexplained absences from work, normally Mondays.


How to identify the batterer…


  • Seen as charming.
  • Overly controlling about every aspect of the victim’s life.
  • History of abusive relationships.
  • Blames the victim and others for all his lot in life.
  • Extremely jealous.
  • Viscous towards others that seek to spend time with the victim.
  • Overtly manipulative.
  • Abusive to animals.



What to do once you’ve seen any of the red flags…

Give the victim options and resources.

National Domestic Violence Hotline



Listen to more and how we can help anyone in a domestic violence situation HERE at episode 159.

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Active Shooting | How to protect yourself

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Active Shooting Safety & How to defend yourself in a Terror Situation

• Be prepared
• Know your surroundings
• Be alert & refrain from wearing headphones
• If you hear gunshots, remain calm & scan the area you’re in
• Take cover & hide
• Cover chest & Head
• Be as undetectable as possible, & even silence your phone

• Wait for the all clear

Watch the full interview HERE


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Examples of “something” to tell Law Enforcement

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With 4th of July celebrations all this week, & other mass gatherings year round, I wanted to share some examples of the “something” that if you see, you should contact law enforcement:

Individuals wearing clothes clearly inconsistent with the weather and or surroundings

Packages, backpacks, unusual devices such as crockpots left unattended in public places

Someone placing an object down and walking away especially at outdoor special events such as parades

Unusual or alarming posts on social media expressing disdain toward the country, democracy, law enforcement/military or hate filled comments about the US involvement in other countries

Unsettling comments about allegiance with any form of Islamic radicalism’s way of life

Vehicles parked out of place or having been parked for extended periods of time

👉Remember the more eyes Law Enforcement have, the safer our national community is!!

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