Chief Joe Dowling, NYPD, on Law Enforcement & Cyber Security

By November 8, 2018The Security Brief

“When you look at these crimes, there’s no borders.”

– Chief Joe Dowling, NYPD

In episode 164 of The Security Brief, we are honored to have Chief Joe Dowling with us to weigh in on how Law Enforcement, nationwide, will be seeking future talent to join the ranks in the fight against cyber-crime.

Cyber crime will create over 1.5 trillion in profits for cyber criminals in 2018. Which is why we, at The Security Brief, believe it is very important that we talk about what we are doing as a country & what current law enforcement leaders along with educational leaders are doing to prepare. Here are some more staggering numbers breaking down that profit for 2018…

  • 860 billion in illegal online markets
  • 500 billion in trade secrets
  • 160 billion in data trading
  • 1.6 billion in crime ware
  • 1 billion in ransom ware

Recognizing the ominous threat coming from the cyber world, we are also joined by educational leaders from Holy Cross High School (Flushing, NY) and Cal State University (San Bernardino) for captivating conversations surrounding the astounding steps being taken to educate tomorrows leaders.

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