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FOP Cold Case of the Month Case Summaries

Cold Case 19-1

The following are case summaries provide by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigations and the District Attorney General’s Office of the 22nd District of the State of Tennessee. If you have any information relative to this case, we beseech you, please contact one or both of the aforesaid agencies.

If you have any information about the following, please contact Special Agent Loy Young, Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. Headquarters: 307-777-7181, Sheridan Office: 307-672-8979, Cellular Phone: 307-752-1062.

Bitter Creek Betty

Hispanic/Latina female, 5’8” tall, weighing 125-130 pounds, with light brown skin and brown or hazel eyes and brown shoulder length hair, with a tattoo of a rose with a stem and leaves and Chinese characters on her right breast and a long scar (possibly a caesarian scar) on her abdomen, who was 24-32 (most likely 25-27) years of age and who wore a plain gold wedding band style ring on her left ring finger. It is very possible that she had at least one child. It is believed that she frequented truck stops and possibly traveled around the country with truckers. She would have gone missing before or around February 1992.

I90 Jane Doe

White female with mixed European and Native American Ancestry, 5’51/2” tall, weighing 110-115 pounds with light brown to fair skin and brown or hazel eyes with brown medium length hair, who was 17-23 years of age. It is possible that she had previously given birth. She would have gone missing before or around February 1992.

Unknown Subject

White male, with Type O blood, who most likely was employed as a truck driver and was middle aged in the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, who drove cross country and spent time driving through Tennessee, Wyoming and possibly Virginia and Arizona.


On March 10, 1991 at or about 12:30pm, the Spring Hill Police Department located in Spring Hill, TN responded to a body located on Saturn Parkway at the off ramp of Port Royal Road. The body was on the north side of Saturn Parkway traveling west bound. The white female was located in the wood line approximately 100 feet from Saturn Parkway.

The white female was dressed in a black cotton pleated mini skirt; a pull over sweat shirt, gray and aqua in color; a thermal underwear top, aqua in color; a black bra that was pulled up above her breast; and a pair of tan colored panty hose with the cotton crotch cut or torn out. The female was not wearing shoes and no personal effects or identification was found on or with the body. The female’s face was covered with blood and there was marks/bruising on the neck of the female. The crime scene yielded no significant evidence other than skid marks that were made on the side of the roadway that indicated that an unloaded tractor trailer rig had locked up its tires. The skid marks were directly in front of the location of the body. There was blood also found on the side of the roadway, which was later identified to belong to the female.

The white female was later identified, on April 9, 1991, by her fingerprints to be Pamela Rose Aldridge McCall (Victim); the victim was from Topping Virginia. Investigators learned that the victim was known to travel with truck drivers and often frequent truck stops, and went by the nick name of “Tender Touch”.

The autopsy of the victim revealed that the victim was approximately 24 weeks pregnant and the cause of death was manual strangulation. The victim had suffered from a pulmonary edema that accounted for the blood on the victim and the side of the roadway. The time of death was placed at or around midnight on March 10, 1991 or the late hours of March 9, 1991.

Investigators located a witness who stated that on March 10, 1991 at or about 5:00 am the witness seen a dark color Peterbilt or Kenworth tractor with a white box trailer at the location now known as the crime scene. The witness stated that the tractor and trailer was without any markings that the witness noticed. The witness stated that when the witness noticed the skid marks that the witness figured the tractor trailer was empty which would cause the jumping pattern.

During the early investigation, investigators learned that the victim had been at the Union 76 truck stop off of I-65 on Peytonsville Road, located north of Saturn Parkway exit just a few miles. The victim was seen there in the company of a trucker. The victim took a shower there at the Union 76 truck stop by presenting to the clerk a Union 76 truck stop shower ticket; however the ticket was from a different Union 76 truck stop which the clerk was unable to recall exactly which Union 76 truck stop issued the shower ticket. The victim upon returning from the shower was dressed in a black mini skirt and paid for two cups of coffee and was last seen getting into a dark colored Peterbuilt or Kenworth with no visible markings, with a white male with a receding hair line, who unlocked the truck cab so the female could get in the cab.

Investigators learned through their investigation that the last possible truck driver that the victim was seen with was a “MARTEEN” truck driver that was heavy set with a full beard. The victim was last seen with this truck driver on March 8th or 9th at the Great American Truck Stop in Columbia, SC investigators learned that the truck driver or victim has not been seen since then at that truck stop.

This homicide went cold, even though investigators followed all leads and interviewed numerous witnesses and suspects.

On April 4, 2019, 22nd Judicial District Attorney General Brent Cooper directed Criminal Investigator Tommy G. Goetz to reopen the case/investigation. Upon Tommy G Goetz meeting with the Spring Hill Police Department and taking possession of the entire case file and evidence, investigator Goetz re-submitted anal and vaginal swaps of the victims for DNA testing.

On May 21, 2019, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) lab notified investigator Goetz that a male profile had been identified from the vaginal swab and that the same male DNA profile was identified with two victims of a homicide in Wyoming. TBI ran the profile against CODIS and no match was found which would indicate that the male was either in prison or deceased due to the fact that the State of TN did not begin to participate in CODIS until 1997 or 1998, some 6 to 7 years after the homicide of Pamela Rose Aldridge McCall.

Upon speaking with investigators in Wyoming, it was determined that we believed we had a serial killer, who was more likely than not a truck driver. The victims in Wyoming were both female, one found on I-90 and the other on I-81 some 300 miles apart. Both victims were found in early 1992; however it is believed that one had been dead since late 1991. Both victims’ deaths were determined to be from manual strangulation. Furthermore, Wyoming investigators did in 2018, submit their DNA profile to PARABON NANOLABS, which can test the profile submitted for Genomic Ancestry, whereas in this case the DNA profile was determined to be a white male according to PARABON NANOLABS report dated October 29, 2018.


Cold Case 19-2

Local DJ murdered was the headline in the local paper and on the news on 07/20/2015.  Shane Breedlove, age 41, was walking to work at KC’s Timeout Lounge. Breedlove had to walk because his current girlfriend for about a month, Chasity Sledge, had taken his vehicle.  Being a man very particular about his stage presence, the July heat and humidity was probably not anything he wanted to endure for his 20-30 minute walk to perform as the DJ at KC’s Timeout but he was not one to disappoint his following.  

As Shane walked west on Washington Ave, he talked on his cell phone to a female friend, Stephanie Bramlett.  Bramlett reported later that she had offered Shane a ride but he turned her down. Shane walked and talked with Bramlett and then suddenly, Bramlett got no response from Shane.  

A person driving down Washington Ave called 911 because they saw a person lying on the sidewalk and their face was covered in blood.  That person was Shane Breedlove.  

Officers arrived on scene and found that Shane was already deceased.  Shane had been shot several times. While on scene, Stephanie Bramlett approached Officers to see what was going on.  Bramlett told Officers that she had been talking with Shane and he told her to hold on. Bramlett stated she heard heavy breathing and then hung up the phone when Shane did not respond to her.  Bramlett did not hear anything but sirens when Shane asked her to hold on. She did not report hearing any shots fired. Bramlett did advised that Shane had a son that stayed with him and that his girlfriend, Chasity, had taken his vehicle to work.  Bramlett stated Shane had told her that Chasity tried to wake him before she left and he would not get up. Bramlett shared that Shane was married and his wife, Jamie, was not aware that Shane had a girlfriend.  

Officers and Investigators conducted several interviews that night and for the next few days that provided little insight into the murder of Shane Breedlove.   Shane’s adult son, Jason, did say that Shane almost always carried a handgun with him. No handgun was found on Shane at the scene. The handgun he would have carried was found in his home.  Jason advised that Shane was married but was not faithful to his wife.  

Investigators spoke with Chasity Sledge who had taken Shane’s vehicle causing him to walk to work.  Sledge told investigators that she and Shane had been dating for about a month. Sledge told investigators that Shane was married and his wife had moved to Washington.  Sledge stated that she thought Stephanie Bramlett would take him to work. Sledge stated she text messaged Shane around 8:25 pm and he responded. At 10:17pm, Sledge told investigators that she text Shane again to tell him that she was home.  Forensic extraction was completed on the phone and verified Sledge’s account of her contact with Shane. Investigators learned from Sledge that she believed a man that she had dated eight months prior to her relationship may be involved. Sledge stated that man was a bit obsessed with her.  Sledge went on to say that Shane and the man did not get along because the man believed Shane had set him up to be arrested.  

 Finally, Investigators were able to get a lead that lead to an interview of a juvenile who provided details of Shane’s murder that were missing.   The juvenile had initially told investigators that they knew absolutely nothing about the murder of Shane. A second person came forward and provided some additional information that was consistent with the juvenile’s account of the events leading up to the murder.   Investigators used the newly obtained information to arrest Derrick Murray, Bobby John Handegard and Bobby Michael Handegard. All three invoked their attorney privileges and refused to speak with investigators.

Before the case could move ahead, the juvenile that had been interviewed recanted.  The juvenile stated they would not testify so the charges were dropped against all three persons named as suspects.  The juvenile was having an intimate relationship with one of the suspects.  

DNA was recovered from the scene and has been compared with the persons arrested, Shane Breedlove and the source of some of the information with negative results.  DNA testing is being continued at this time.  

Investigators have been told that Shane’s murder was retaliation for testifying in an assault case.  The defendant in that case was Robert Strahl, a business associate of Bobby John Handegard. Strahl was found not guilty in that case so one would think that would not be a motive for killing Shane.  Shane also had a relationship with the mother of one of Robert Strahl’s children that caused tension between Strahl and Shane. Again, one would not think that tension, which had been going on for years, would cause someone to murder Shane.  

Shane Breedlove was a local DJ with some celebrity status in the immediate area.  Did any aspect of that life cause someone to want to murder him? Shane was said to be a bit of a ladies man, often having several women in his life at the same time.  Could jealousy be the motive for someone killing him? The three people arrested and then released are said to have affiliations to gangs, something all 3 deny. Did Shane do something to cause the gang to come after him?  


If you have information about Shane Breedlove’s murder, please contact Detective Karin Montgomery of the Evansville, IN police department at 812-436-4013 or email her at kmontgomery@evansvillepolice.com.



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