The risks of Ride Sharing & tips to stay safe!

By | Safety Tips

You’ve heard of companies that use an app to send someone in their car to come pick you up & take you where you need to go right?

In episode 168 of The Security Brief, you will hear exactly what my opinion is of this new trend! But first, check out these numbers from 2015- mid 2018 associated with ride sharing.

52 deaths
102 assaults
395 sexual assaults
22 kidnappings
26 felons who should have been disqualified from being behind a wheel
102 reports of someone impersonating a ride share driver


Keep in mind, ride sharing does not have to adhere to the same regulations as taxis. Taxis have to follow to specific guidelines by the city. Yes, each driver has to go through background checks, but they are doing a Cheap IS Expensive kind of job with the back ground checks. They are not good enough!!

My advice…. listen to Mom! Do not get in a car with strangers!!

Listen to more advice in ep 168, these 22 minutes could save your life!

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