Crimes against our Houses of Worship

By | The Security Brief

I am a man that has always taken pride in my faith. As revolting it is to think that we must formulate a security plan to protect our Houses of Worship, it has, in fact, become a necessity.

A while back I launched an episode on my Podcast “The Security Brief” about Crimes committed against Churches, the one place we are supposed to feel total peace. We covered an eye opening amount of statistics from the Justice Department about crimes committed at a Church, Mosque, or Synagogue.

• At any 10 day period, dozens of crimes will be committed.
• Tens of thousands every year are committed, ranging from Theft to Homicide.
• In the past 2 years, 200 locations were victims of Arson.
• Also in the past 2 years, $100,000,000 in property losses were reported.
• Leading cause is domestic violence.

In the podcast episode, I am joined by a 35 year Pastor, Andrew Surace of Christ Fellowship in Ocean View, NJ, who has decided to become an EMT and Certified Protection Professional to keep his congregation safe.

You can hear more statistics, about Pastor Andrew, & what is being done to keep our Houses of Worship safe HERE. Look for episode 110 titled “Crimes against GOD”.

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