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Safety Tips at a Public Venue

By | Safety Tips

Here are some tips for if you ever find yourself in a situation where your life & safety are being threatened. Share with your friends and family so you can be prepared!

When in a public venue or at a public event…
  • Observe the exits, where they are, and how to get to them if needed.
  • If you hear loud pops or gunfire, find cover not concealment. Meaning, find something to hide behind or under that a bullet can not penetrate.
  • When hiding, do not draw attention to yourself. Other than staying quiet yourself, be sure to silence your phone & wipe off cologne or perfume.
  • Lastly, you need to remain quiet until police come and give the all clear. They will announce themselves in their search for you.




How to spot a Suspicious Package

By | Safety Tips

Given what we are contending with as a country, it is imperative for all Americans to embrace safe mail handling techniques & how to spot a suspcious package.  They are as follows:

Suspicious signs:

  • Excessive postage
  • Misspelled common words
  • No return or incomplete return address
  • Restrictive markings such as ‘DO NOT X-RAY’
  • Oily stains and or traces of powder-like substances
  • Odors
  • Excessive tape
  • Sounds

If observed:

  • Remain calm
  • Do not open or move
  • Shut off the ac/hvac and or fans
  • Do not use cell phones or radio communications
  • Call 911 via a landline away from the area
  • Safely and calmly evacuate the area to predetermined fall back areas



Active Shooting | How to protect yourself

By | Safety Tips

Active Shooting Safety & How to defend yourself in a Terror Situation

• Be prepared
• Know your surroundings
• Be alert & refrain from wearing headphones
• If you hear gunshots, remain calm & scan the area you’re in
• Take cover & hide
• Cover chest & Head
• Be as undetectable as possible, & even silence your phone

• Wait for the all clear

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