Global Business Leader, Accomplished Author, TV & Radio Personality

Embracing the privilege and responsibility that comes with each opportunity to speak publicly, Paul consistently presents his rare intellectual expertise with passion, humor, and humility to provide a level of education exceeding all expectations. Highly interactive, entertaining, thought-provoking and educationally germane to each audience demographic is the benchmark for every Paul Viollis presentation. Delivered in all three learning domains (Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor) and absent any semblance of a “cookie cutter” approach to professional education, Paul is an adamant believer in receiving direction from the event coordinator on the specific learning goal of its attendees so as to ensure the validity and reliability of the information, as well as, the methodology of the delivery. Departing with actionable next steps and wishing the program was longer are just some of the typical commentaries we receive after each and every presentation. The following is a list of our most requested topics, as well as, a sampling of others consistently sought after.


“Security Best Practices for the Family Office”
Safeguarding the Family

“Security Best Practices for the SFO and MFO

“Best Practices for Protecting the Affluent”
Shielding the human, financial and physical assets from harm

“The Business Model of Cyber Crime”
Stealing your life

“Corporate Espionage”
Erasing proprietary information

“Counter-Terrorism Threat Assessments for Corporate America”
Validating the Vulnerability

“International Travel Risk for all Americans”
A Personal & Corporate must

“Avoiding Workplace Violence”
Stopping it early

“The Art & Science of Investigative Due Diligence”
The gathering of intelligence