The Failure of Public Administrators

The Failure of Public Administrators

by Paul Viollis, Law Enforcement & Security Analyst & CEO of Viollis Group International

Back in the ’80s, when I was studying for my MPA (Master of Public Administration), the one point that was stressed above all others was the responsibility of the public administrator to safeguard their citizens and embrace their accountability of same. I look at where we are today and wonder what happened to that mantra. From the conscious decision to break Federal Law by legalizing illegal immigration through the creation of sanctuary cities to defunding Police and the current vaccine mandate, which will strip our municipalities of their Police, healthcare providers, teachers, and first responders, our public administrators across our great country are failing in epic proportions. Moreover, it begs the question; has any thought been given to the ramifications of such actions. More on that later.

My history teacher at Holy Cross HS, Mr. Gianuzzi, emphasized that history was a cause-event- result cycle that would constantly repeat itself. As I’ve grown in my 41-year career in public service, I have found few words truer than those. Hence, we as Americans now find ourselves in the same spot other realms once did, being destroyed from within. Make no mistake about it; the excruciating fact is we are more the Divided States of America than the United States of America and that, in large part, is due to the miserable job of our public administrators. With the keyword in that sentence being fact, let’s have a fact-based conversation regardless of if you are red or blue, black or white, gay or straight, rich or poor, or whatever other dividing line you wish to use. I offer the following facts to kick off this conversation as a mere sampling of the plethora of options to choose from.

  1. The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian values, yet our municipal leaders have found it their job to remove such values from our classrooms, workplaces, and public buildings. They have gone to such an extent that the mere mention of the word GOD is shunned as potentially insulting, yet everything else is fair game. Ask the atheists. They are big fans of mine. So much for freedom of Religion.
  1. 8 USC 1324 clearly makes it illegal to harbor an illegal alien, yet our public administrators across the country have and continue to violate this law through their sanctuary cities. My suggestion is to ask all those legally applying for citizenship (like my ancestors did) if it’s ok by them for the thousands of illegals to cut the line. Bottom line, illegal is illegal.
  1. From coast to coast, municipalities have allowed violent rioters to occupy portions of our cities and destroy private residences and businesses, thus stripping law-abiding citizens of their basic constitutional rights for equal protection under the law. My message to those administrators this applies to? By doing this, you are acting outside the scope of your employment by bequeathing the right to criminals to destroy the ‘peoples’ cities.
  1. Less than ½ of 1 percent of Police misrepresent the badge. Yet, public administrators across the country jumped on the ‘hate Police’ bandwagon after the George Floyd case and decided to reduce the ranks of Police and replace them with social workers. Hey, I

am a huge fan of our mental health clinicians, but they do not replace Police. That’s just injudicious. Think hard, PA’s, about what the next step looks like regarding who will take the place of Police.

  1. Public administrators across the country have successfully politicized the worst pandemic in our history and successfully divided our country to such an extent that the American government can now demand to control one’s personal health decisions or strip them of their employment. That’s right. I’m talking jabs for jobs. Here’s a newsflash; you do not have the right, constitutionally, to do this! Don’t look now, but you resemble China more and more every day.

Obviously, there is no shortage of material, but I think this is a good starting point. The goal is simple; to generate fact-based conversations so ‘we’ as Americans can see if it is still possible to build a bridge we can use to communicate productively. We can disagree all day long so long as we agree to use facts to educate each other.

I will leave you with this thought. Given the accuracy of the content contained herein, it is a blatant fact that we are losing control of our municipalities. Once that happens, and it will, don’t cry when you see tanks rolling down Main St. to battle organized militia groups. You don’t have to read the tea leaves to know that is precisely what is coming if we don’t fix this chaos now.