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Embracing the privilege and responsibility that comes with each opportunity to speak publicly, Paul consistantly presents his rare intellectual expertise with passion, humor and humility to provide a level of education exceeding all expectations. Highly interactive, entertaining, thought-provoking and educationally germane to each audience demographic is the benchmark for every Paul Viollis presentation. Delivered in all three learning domains (Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor) and absent any semblance of a “cookie cutter” approach to professional education, Paul, is an adamant believer in receiving direction from the event coordinator on the specific learning goal of its attendees so as to ensure the validity and reliability of the information as well as the methodology of the delivery. Departing with actionable next steps and wishing the program was longer are just some of the typical commentaries we receive after each and every presentation. The following is a list of our most requested topics as well as a sampling of others consistently sought after..

Pauls Speaking Topics2“Best Practices for Protecting the Affluent”
Shielding the human, financial and physical assets from harm

“Counter-Terrorism Threat Assessments for Corporate America”
Validating the Vulnerability

“The Art & Science of Investigative Due Diligence”
A Corporate must

“Corporate Espionage”
The Art & Science of erasing proprietary information

“Cyber Crime”
Stealing your life

“Avoiding School Violence”
Stopping it early

“Counter-Terrorism Threat Assessments for Corporate America”
Validating the Vulnerability

“International Travel Risk for all Americans”
A Corporate must

“Corporate Espionage”
The Art & Science of erasing proprietary information

“Security Best Practices for the SFO and MFO”

What Others Say

“Relevant, entertaining, and thought provoking. He motivates our clients to act…”

Graham O’Kelly

Family Wealth Director | Portfolio Management Director, Morgan Stanley

“For getting the message across to large groups of people at one time, there is none better.”

Clark Dubin

Alamo Rental Cars

“Impressed with the attention to detail and depth of knowledge. Very Powerful.”

John Greene

Republic Industries, Inc.

“Knowledgeable, dynamic and persuasive speaker. He grabs the audience’s attention.”

Michael Roper, Bell, Leeprer & Roper


“The Family Wealth Alliance has had the pleasure and good fortune to have Paul Viollis speak a number of times at our special gatherings, as he is a recognized expert and insightful speaker in the rarefied field of personal risk and enterprise security. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone serious about delivering high-quality, cutting-edge content and gaining high-appeal promotional value for your constituents.”

Thomas R. Livergood

Chief Executive Officer, Family Wealth Alliance

“His passion for teaching and knowledge of the subject inspired me to learn.”

Ameeri Sarkees

Lockheed Martin

“Paul is extremely knowledgeable and captivates listeners with dynamic delivery.”

Gary Farro

Senior Managing Director, First Republic Bank

“Put on your seatbelt! Viollis is engaging, smart and someone you want on your team! Enjoy the ride!!!”

James N. Dimonekas

President , WORTH

“The authoritative voice on safety and security. His remarks and insights kept my clients captivated for days after his powerful presentation.”

Kathy Reilly

Lifestyle Inc.

“Paul Viollis continues to be one of the most important people I will ever introduce to my ultra-affluent clients, he consistently delivers an unsurpassed level of excellence in his presentation in keeping theses clients, their businesses and their families safe and secure.”

Ron Rubin


“Paul is a powerful, incisive and persuasive speaker, and his ability to ignite any audience into action is remarkable.”

Wesley Bull

Sr. Director of Global Security & Safety, NVIDIA Corporation

“Paul is not only a subject matter expert, he is a moving, vibrant and engaging speaker. Every attendee is impacted in some way.”

Bob Pocica

SVP & Chief Security Officer, McKesson Corporation

“Paul combines his deep background and clear understanding of the cyber crime business model with a passionate, insightful delivery that cannot be ignored.  EVERY attendee left the session with a clear call to action, adequately motivated to address their security needs. Paul is THE force in his realm.”

Ron Berg

Executive Director, Agents Council for Technology

“As a speaker, Paul Viollis has the uncanny ability to bring daily security concerns to life through anecdotes that he has accumulated from decades of protecting his clients. Paul is a dynamic and candid speaker that keeps his audiences rapt with attention.”

James P Kane

President, HUB

“There is nothing more powerful than when someone is extremely knowledgeable and wholeheartedly passionate. Paul is the perfect combination.”

Kristen Oliveri

Private Asset Management

“We rely on his incomparable expertise to educate our clients with an approach that makes difficult subject matter more palatable. His presentation style is dynamic and leaves the audience captivated.”

Spencer M. Houldin

President , Ericson Insurance Advisors

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