For over four decades, Paul Michael Viollis has dedicated his career to the protection of our country as well as the shareholder value of the businesses he has navigated to the pinnacle of their respective vertical markets.


With Cyber-Crime in its embryonic stage and costing over $500 billion in reported loses annually, the business model designed by cyber criminals is overtly productive. Given the fact that the greatest value proposition places corporations and the affluent community in the center of their radar screen, preemptive solutions are no longer out of the box thinking, but compulsory. Viollis Group International’s proprietary anti-crime methodology to Cyber Security delivers an entirely holistic deliverable from every form of attack ranging from ransomware to system hijacking. Identifying your vulnerabilities and fortifying your communications is our primary objective.


Historically known vacation spots and retreats have become “romantic” hostile environments as terrorists add kidnapping, extortion and murder to their growing list of disturbing operational methods. Viollis Group International (VGI) ensures the protection of our principals by benchmarking each detail, conducting a strategic threat assessment and travel vulnerability analysis prior to crafting every protection plan. Our team of security professionals allows us to garner non-readily available information regarding the current risks of terrorism, abduction, and travel safety in regions, worldwide. All Protection Professionals are chosen based upon the compatibility with the Principal in concert with the risk projection of the assignment.


Viollis Group International (VGI) has developed a refined information gathering process with the creation of leverage at its core. From Litigation Support to all levels of Investigative Due Diligence, subject matter Intelligence is key to receiving the appropriate return on investment on all matters. With the utmost discretion, we incorporate various methodologies utilizing professionals with unique skill sets to expeditiously identify a suitable investigative strategy germane to the needs of the particular matter. Ongoing communication, assets that are court worthy, and a process that does not cross professional boundaries is the benchmark of our process.


Regardless of the size of the corporation or the demographic of the private client, the focus of adverse individuals is more acute than ever which is why understanding their mantras and respective business models are imperative to preemptively mitigating hostile scenarios. Built upon a strict platform of assured confidentially, VGI seeks to place a blanket of protection around its corporate and private clients through the incorporation of front-end intelligence, proven methodologies, leading technology, and court-tested deliverables. VGI embraces the fact that consulting is a trust-earning process that mandates accountability on every level.


A layered and multifaceted approach to both business and residential security is the hallmark of the VGI process. Utilizing the content of his book ‘’Workplace Security” by Jane’s Publishing as the benchmark, VGI Founder Paul Viollis ensures each commercial and residential project makes sense both structurally and financially. Validating the actual and projected risk level and marrying that into each deliverable is how we ensure each initiative provides the most cost-beneficial result. Our position on this is quite simple; verify the need, incorporate the want and closely oversee the process through completion.


Also known as a “bug” sweep or an electronic countermeasure, this highly-specialized service detects the presence of any eavesdropping devices regardless of where they have been placed or downloaded to. The VGI goal is to identify existing and potential communication security breaches and implement corrective actions, expeditiously. With each technician possessing over twenty years of experience and unparalleled training utilizing the most sophisticated equipment available, the VGI team performs a comprehensive visual, physical, and electronic inspection to ascertain the presence and location of any and all electronic eavesdropping devices.