After 41 years of service to our country from both the government and private sectors, Paul has seen firsthand the horrific aftermath female victims of violent crime must endure, which often leaves irreparable physical and emotional damage. Through the success Viollis Group International has been blessed with, we have extended our global services and reach, pro-Bono, to those victims that normally would not have been afforded the assistance they so very much deserve., through HER Voice.

HER Voice Foundation Executive Director, Jenn Richardson, had a vision to serve female victims of violent crimes in an advocacy capacity. These victims oftentimes have no idea where to go or who to turn to after their incident occurs, and that’s where HER Voice steps in.

HER Voice acts as a liaison connecting female victims across the country with local organizations and professionals that can best serve their needs. HER Voice has partnerships across the country with shelters, safe homes, legal counsel, law enforcement officials, social workers, and victim advocacy agencies. HER Voice recognizes that no two victims’ needs will be the same, and we work to serve their specific situation.

Viollis Group International CEO & Founder Paul Viollis, in addition to sponsoring HER Voice Foundation as an offset of VGI, also sits on the Board of Directors to assure that the foundation’s direction and mission continue to grow and thrive.