• Check in via app or Apple Watch
• Siri compatible
• SOS 24/7 to Security Ops Center
• Live tracking
• Itinerary integration & tracking
• Enhanced Monitoring (additional)


• Automated country risk reports
• Pre-travel advisories on request
• Push notifications based on location
• Customizable with your own risk tolerance



• 2-way messaging
• Geofencing (in beta)
• COVID-19 trip check
• SSO compatibility
• Customize your platform)

VGI Secure: Software to keep you one step ahead

VGI Secure is the key to keeping you and your family safe on a global scale. Designed to track your whereabouts with pinpoint accuracy and monitor the threats around your current and projected location, this technology provides peace of mind at a time when international travel is riddled with uncertainty. A sampling of the integrated security features are as follows:

• Mobile, desktop and smart watch compatibility.
• Interactive map populated with intelligence alerts and detailed travel advisories.
• Plot locations of importance (e.g. offices, hotels & airports)
• Tracking within 1 meter of your location.
• Check-in via app to confirm safe arrival and share location with pre-designated user groups.
• Location is tracked during the entire trip.
• Call our or your own GSOC directly from the app.
• SOS functionality - alert the VGI Crisis Response Team for immediate assistance.
• Option to set up alert preferences to receive alerts directly on your lock screen, no need to keep checking the app.

• Optional automated country reports and intelligence alerts, sent to VGIS members on receipt of travel booking.
• Simple process to receive travel data: not restricted to GDS.
• Form-free, itinerary entry, for bookings outside an approved travel management company.
• Customize the app by color, theme and logo.
• Build and export reports from the data in the platform.


Global Security Operations

Center (GSOC)

Our team of 40 professionals in the GSOC—former military, LE, Intel, Security, academic MH trained professionals hold decades of experience in effectively navigating challenges such as sudden geopolitical unrest, natural disasters and conflict zones.

Having access to a specialist team enhances your business resilience, meaning you can focus internal resources on core operations.

To assist in preemptive threat mitigation, our analysts will notify each member when events are about to take place or have just begun that will affect their trip so we can re-route and avoid the conflict. For example, when we become aware that conflict-fueled protest is planned in the general area of travel, we can redirect so that our members are not affected.

With each call to the Viollis Group International Crisis Center, our analysts will immediately triangulate the location of the caller and geofence their location. We will immediately begin to triage the situation while notifying our local QRF members for deployment if need be.

When calls are not of an urgent nature but still require prompt assistance, the assistance button will provide direct connection to our non-emergency section for immediate assistance.

When the crisis center receives the call, the information appears on the analyst’s screen along with member’s exact location.

We utilize near real-time satellite tracking in concert with various intelligence software packages such as what3words for immediate longitude and latitude positioning.

All operations are fully managed by a dedicated risk management expert for complete peace of mind.

Technology & Intelligence

From pre-travel advisories and country reports to real-time alerts direct to your phone or desktop. Review global incidents before and during a trip, and monitor threats in relation to where your organization operates. Our in-house intelligence division monitor global events 24/7.

Pre-Travel Planning

Global security experts help all VGI Clients understand the threats, cultural sensitivities, vaccinations and precautions necessary to have a safe and successful trip. Our experienced pre-travel planning will mitigate risk and assist with client decisions, providing detailed journey plans, route recommendations and in-country intelligence that equip VGIS members with the required information.

InSIGHT Monitoring

InSIGHT (Security, Intelligence, Guidance, Help, and Tracking) ensures your people and assets are in constant view of the VGI 24/7 response team. Our proactive service will check in with you at pre-agreed times and respond to vicinity risks and incidents.

In-Country Services

• Executive Close Protection
• Airport Meet & Greet
• VIP Airport Meet & Greet (from aircraft door)
• Low Profile Vehicles Technology & Intelligence Pre-Travel Planning InSIGHT Monitoring
• Luxury SUV & Limo Services
• Armored Vehicles
• Armed/Unarmed Escorts
• Military & Police Escorts
• Security Trained Drivers
• Translators
• Field Trauma Medics
• Armored Ambulances
• Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Inspections
• Security Advance Party – test route and reconnaissance of forward location

Crisis Management & Emergency Response

Whether crisis management following a natural disaster, response to a terror incident, or secure extraction – we will respond to your needs at any time of the day, wherever you are in the world. The in-house crisis management team includes former Special Forces Operators, crisis specialists, intelligence, and response trained teams.


Evacuations can be necessary from countries struck by natural disaster where road moves are unsafe to extractions from war zones or countries where trouble has erupted unexpectedly – trapping VGIS members in unstable and unsafe locations. Our experience in security and medical evacuations from some of the most difficult circumstances epitomizes crisis response.

Kidnap & Ransom Response

Proportionate and professional kidnap and ransom response from our 24/7/365 response center with specifically trained first response managers on-hand to deal with all types of crisis. Our K&R responders have the specialist skills and capability to respond to the different types of kidnappings ranging from ‘Terrorist/Politically Motivated Kidnappings’ to ‘Contamination with an extortion demand’.




Viollis Group International


Interactive Map

When opening the app, there is an interactive map plotted with intelligence alerts

Tap an alert and you can find out more information about an alert incident and some practical advice to consider if you are nearby

There is also a guide as to how far away that alert is plotted from your current location.



Filter the map to your preferences to optimize your experience, to show only what you want to see.

Choose from:

• Clustered alerts
• Risk map overlay
• Map type
• Intelligence types
• Location
• Itinerary date rang


Country Reports

View country reports in the app by opening the main menu grid, tapping ‘Countries’ and selecting a country from the list.

You will be presented with a country summary containing information such as security risk levels, currency, languages, and a map.

Tapping the emergency contact numbers enables the phone to call the number when in country.

Access the full country report analysis by tapping the ‘Country Report’ button at the bottom of the page.


Push Notifications

Filter the map to your preferences to optimize your experience, to show only what you want to see.

Choose from:

• Clustered alerts
• Risk map overlay
• Map type
• Intelligence types
• Location
• Itinerary date rang



Travel itineraries help identify if you are travelling to a country that poses a high or severe risk, or if a security alert is raised near a location you are travelling to.

• Insert your itinerary manually through the app by tapping the “+” symbol in the right corner.

• The app will direct you through a step-by-step process to enter the details of your trip.

• View your travel bookings by tapping the “Itineraries” option in the main menu grid.

• Itineraries can be for flights, trains, hotel bookings, and other transportation methods.


Live Tracking    

You can conduct a live tracking session through the app if you would like your journey to be shared.

• To start a tracking session, tap the ‘Tracking’ button in the main menu grid. Select to share your location by distance or by time, and at a set interval.

• Tap ‘Start Tracking’ and the tracking detail page will display.

• To stop the tracking session press ‘Stop Tracking’ button and confirm.

• Tracking will not start unless you have given Solace Secure ‘When in Use’ or ‘Always’ location permission.

• A tracking bar will display on the device home screen if a user navigates away from the app on their device, to indicate the app is still tracking.


Call Assistance

The Call Assistance button will direct you to speak to someone if you have a query or concern. This is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

This may be a medical assistance provider, or to VGI Secure.

For users with app tracking functionality, tapping ‘Call with Location’ will also conduct a check in through the app at the same time.


SOS Alerting

• When you are in need of emergency assistance, tap the RED SOS button and one of our professionals will answer the phone and provide immediate assistance.

• A tracking session will begin instantaneously, and our analyst will be able to track your every move within 1 meter of your location.

• Stay on the line at all times.

• If you hit the SOS button by mistake you can ‘cancel’ the SOS and the app will return to normal


global security operations center

countries with vetted security partners

average number of alerts per week

deployable security experts

ISO accredited for informational security

tel 212.315.0088